Good Grief

Grief can be an isolating experience. At The Journey, we provide grief literacy and support for women dealing with loss, whether it's the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or any other significant life change.

At The Journey, we normalize grief by providing virtual small groups, grief literacy and topical sessions surrounding grief and loss. It is our goal to provide tools and resources to help women navigate the exhausting and at times debilitating space that comes with grief. 

By creating intentional spaces for those who are grieving, women have the opportunity to connect with others who have experienced loss, often resulting in them feeling less alone.

In the Journey, we offer support groups, counselor-led sessions and a  safe and non-judgmental space for women to share their feelings and receive comfort and understanding.

When individuals are aware of the different stages of grief, the range of emotions they might experience, and the impact that grief can have on their physical, emotional, and mental health, they are better prepared to deal with the grieving process. This knowledge can help individuals feel less alone and more empowered to seek support.

Though grief can be a long and painful process, The Journey's Good Grief program can help individuals process their feelings, find healthy coping strategies, and develop resilience. This can lead to a sense of healing and hope for the future.

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