Financial wellness is a pillar of The Journey Collective Inc. Thanks to a grant from Truliant Credit Union, women in The Journey Collective Inc. have the opportunity to go through Financial Peace University at no cost.
Through Peace University (FPU), women create budgets that work, dump debt, and build wealth. Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went! JoinThe Journey's virtual Financial Peace University class and learn to make a budget you’ll actually stick to. We meet online, so you won’t even have to leave home. No more money stress—ever! It’s possible when you know how to handle your finances. 
The virtual classes meet each Wednesday at 8pm (EST).  The virtual classes meet each Wednesday at 8pm (EST). To register, simply join The 21-Day Journey. Register today to begin your one-year access to Ramsey+ as well as apps that come with your donation, including (1) Learn With FinancialPeace, (2)EveryDollar and (3)BabySteps.  So what are you waiting for? 

What are Journey sisters saying about Financial Peace University (FPU)?

"I can't express just how much #FPU, the weekly classes, and our amazing Coach Tronda has enriched my life. Showing me some processes, changing my mindset and encouraging me to do better." - Mia, SC

"Lord, free Americans from the love of debt and let it begin with me!" - Andrea, AR


"The transparency in this class is so amazing and I appreciate all the encouragement from you beautiful ladies. No one makes anyone feel bad and are willing to share their wins with us. " - Eunice, NC

"FPU is BANNNGGG! Learning so much from FPU and Dave Ramsey, but learning so much more from Coach Tronda and my FPU sisters! Don't mind me...just over here becoming financially FREEEEE!" - Jameka, CA