We Empower Women Because When Women Are Empowered Their Homes & Communities Are Transformed.

Members of The 21-Day Journey are empowered in their spiritual, emotional, physical and financial wellness:


🙏🏽Spiritual Wellness: With morning devotionals sent directly to your phone, you can also tune into Greater Group on Tuesdays at 8pm (EST) via Zoom!

✌🏽 Emotional Wellness: Tips and resources from a certified therapist three times each week!

💰Financial Wellness: Whether you are paying off debt or building wealth, we use a proven system that helped Journey sisters collectively pay off over $50K in the first quarter of this year alone! Learn more about Financial Peace University here: https://bit.ly/36SfPWc.

🏃🏽♀️Physical Wellness: We now offer weekly fitness classes ranging from Xtreme Hip Hop to modified workouts you can do in your home.


21 Days of Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial Wellness

You Deserve To Be Empowered!

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